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An Investor's Guide to Filtering Financial News

With global financial headlines driving so much recent market volatility, it's important to keep world events in a larger, longer-term context when deciding how – or if – they should impact your investment decisions. Baird's Investment Strategist explains.

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  • Time for a retirement plan checkup? Even though 401(k) Day was earlier in the month, fall is a good time to look at your retirement assets, wherever they might be held. Work with your Financial Advisor to make sure your asset allocation is still consistent with your goals and, if necessary, rebalance your investments.
  • Questions about open enrollment? Most employers hold benefit enrollment sessions in the fall, and there are important decisions you will have to make with implications for your finances next year. Make sure you have the information and answers you need before you submit your selections, including how your needs may have changed over time (new dependents, changes in life insurance, new options offered by your employer, etc.). This is also a good time to review the beneficiary forms on your retirement accounts.
  • Put any year-end tax plans in motion. Reach out to your Financial Advisor and tax professional to start talking about steps you may be able to take to lower your tax bill for 2015.

September 15

  • Deadline for third-quarter estimated tax payments. Review your tax situation to make sure you aren't under- or overestimating your tax liability for the year.

October 15

  • Last day to recharacterize a 2014 Roth conversion back to a Traditional IRA. Recharacterizing your conversion will let you reclaim the taxes you paid on the higher amount, and you can convert back to a Roth at a later date.
  • Final deadline to file your 2014 income tax return. No additional extensions are available beyond this date.
  • Deadline for self-employed persons or small employers to establish a SIMPLE IRA for 2015.
  • Review your estate plan. If you have a living will (or healthcare directive) and power of attorney, make sure they still reflect your wishes and the current status of your family. If you don't have either of these documents, talk to your Baird Financial Advisor about why you should.


  • Make your charitable donations. November is Giving Month, after all, and direct donations of cash, material goods or investments can all make a difference in people's lives and your 2015 tax liability. You might also consider contributing to a child or grandchild's 529 education savings plan.
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