There’s no question more of our lives exist online – we learn about the world through social media, we shop on our favorite stores’ websites, and we manage our bank accounts from the comfort of our living rooms. So when some of the biggest of the big-box stores reported their customers’ credit card information was hacked, it caused even the most ardent consumers to pause and consider their own financial security.

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January – February

  • With your 2014 year-end statements in hand, this is a good time to meet with your Baird Financial Advisor and talk about what you want to accomplish in the new year.

April 15

  • Unless you’ve filed for an extension, your 2014 income tax returns must be postmarked or e-filed by this date. This is also your last day to file for an extension and your last day to make contributions to a regular IRA that could qualify for a 2014 tax deduction.

    If you pay estimated taxes, your first-quarter payment for 2015 is due by this date.

April – May

  • Now that you’ve filed your 2014 tax returns, talk to your Baird Financial Advisor about strategies you might employ in 2015 to make your investment portfolio more tax-efficient.

May 29

  • If you’re saving for your own or a loved one’s education, celebrate College Savings Day on May 29 by reviewing your plans with your Baird Financial Advisor.
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Independence Day

Fulfillment comes from the freedom to follow your passions.

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Where The Market Meets The Economy

There are reasons to be bullish for 2015, but don’t let market optimism blind you to less rosy indicators.

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Strong and Growing

Baird looks back on a profitable year and investments made for the future.

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Retired FBI agent Jeff Lanza offers advice for staying safe in an increasingly online world.

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Talking About Your Generation

Four common mistakes that can unravel a well-planned retirement.

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Did You Know?

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