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Risk management is the phrase of the moment in the financial markets. It's often used, infrequently defined and rarely understood. Too often the concept is used to justify a course of action one might be disposed to take anyway. And sometimes it becomes a license to give into fear, as defined by whatever the latest, loudest financial news headline may be – all under a comforting veil of responsible rigor.

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January 15

  • Fourth-quarter federal estimated tax payments for 2015 are due.

February 15

  • The first wave of 1099s will be issued by Baird for those accounts holding individual equities, bonds or mutual funds whose final tax information has been provided.

March 1

  • The second wave of 1099s will be issued by Baird for accounts holding mutual funds whose final tax infromation was provided after the previous update.

March 15

  • The final wave of 1099s will be issued by Baird for the remaining accounts holding mutual funds, as well as for any accounts holding UITs, REMICs or WHMTs.

April 1

  • Deadline for those who turned age 70 ½ during 2015 to make a required minimum distribution from their retirement plans. Future distributions must be taken by December 31 of the year for which they apply.

April 15

  • Contributions to IRAs, Roth IRAs and Coverdell Education Savings accounts for 2015 are due.

April 18

  • In honor of Emancipation Day, observed in the District of Columbia on April 15, individual income tax returns are due Monday, April 18. You may also file an application for an automatic extension of six months.

    (In honor of Patriots' Day, observed in Massachusetts and Maine on April 18, tax returns for those residents are due April 19.)

    First-quarter federal estimated tax payments for 2016 are due, regardless of state of residency.
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Baird's financial strength is a direct result of the unique way we run our firm.