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All Eyes On Inflation

The recovery from the pandemic has many pundits fearing that we're in for a round of inflation. In the new issue of Digest, the macroeconomic experts at Strategas look at the indications of rising prices and make recommendations on how to prepare for the worst.

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June 30

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms must be submitted for the 2020‐21 academic year. Individual state applications might be due before the federal deadline and do not replace filling out the FAFSA.

July 31

Last day employers with calendar‐year retirement plans can file Form 5500.


Put any year‐end tax plans in motion. Reach out to your Financial Advisor and tax professional to start talking about steps you may be able to take to lower your tax bill for 2021.

September 10

It's National 401(k) Day – and time for a retirement plan checkup! Celebrate by working with your Financial Advisor to make sure your asset allocation is still consistent with your goals and, if necessary, rebalance your investments.

September 15

Estimated third‐quarter income tax payments are due.

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Letter from Mike

Mike Schroeder, the firm's President of Private Wealth Management, discusses how Baird is helping to build the next generation of Financial Advisors.

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How Liquid Are You?

Sound wealth management focuses not just on what something costs, but how best to pay for it – especially when the expenditure is unexpected.

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Seeing the Big Picture

The benefits of having all your financial pieces in one place.

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Efficient Strategies for Charitable Giving

The most efficient ways to support organizations that may still be hurting from the pandemic.

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Doing Well by Doing Good

A breakthrough in minimally invasive healthcare, funded by Baird Capital.